Butiksdemonstrationens mentala och beteendemässiga påverkan: - Ett fältexperiment som undersöker butiksdemonstrationens möjligheter att påverka konsumenten i butiksmiljön

Detta är en D-uppsats från Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi

Sammanfattning: The knowledge development regarding in-store marketing has shown that influencing a consumer in a store setting is a powerful tool to change the consumer’s buying patterns. However, the store as a marketing channel lacks, in many ways, conducted academic research and according to marketing theory investments into in-store marketing tend to be taken without advanced marketing consideration. As a consequence, we have chosen to generate new insights into the field of in-store marketing by studying in-store demonstrations both from a behavioral and a mental dimension. Furthermore, we have also chosen to study how different consumers with different degree of loyalty and buying patterns are influenced by an in-store demonstration.This study aimed to obtain a better understanding of in-store demonstrations through breaking down the demonstration into its core elements and from these elements construct different types of demonstrations. Through a field experiment involving 74 ICA-Kvantum stores sales data (n=283 909) and survey data (n=1407) were collected and statistically analyzed with foremost MANCOVA tests. The result shows that in-store demonstrations can be used to influence the consumers both in a mental and in a behavioral dimension. But by using different elements different results were obtained hence making the demonstration a tactical tool. Furthermore, we have shown that it is possible to influence consumers with different degree of loyalty and buying patterns. Moreover, the results indicate that in-store demonstrations should not be viewed as a sale activity but rather as a marketing activity. Implications of the results for retailers, communication agencies and brand owners are discussed and direction for further research is offered to the academic realm.

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