Godshantering av flygunderhållsartiklar - En värdeflödesanalys ur ett förbättringsperspektiv

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper


Saab Component Maintenance in Linköping, Sweden, offers maintenance, repair and

overhaul (MRO) services for civilian and military aircraft components. Lately, the

department has struggled with slow throughput rates, despite various counteracting

attempts. Studies show, that large parts of the delays derive from the logistics

department where goods arrive and dispatch. Therefore, Saab wants to carry out an

extensive analysis of the department in order to further investigate what is causing its

slow throughput rates.

The thesis begins with extensive mapping over Component Maintenances whole value

stream to find out how departments interact with each other and which role

individual departments have in the total supply chain. Out of 13 000 different part

numbers, components were divided into five product families. From statistical history

of package frequency, two value streams were chosen as scientific research objects,

where improvements of which show great potential to have serious positive effects.

From activity studies, observations, workshops and interviews various elements were

identified as obstructing in the logistics department’s material and information flow.

Activity studies show, that 55, 8% of activities performed in the arriving goods

department were considered as value adding time. In addition, 67, 9% of activities

performed in the dispatch goods department were considered as value adding time

(where over half of the value adding time was spent in administrative systems). 11

critical challenges and five associated root causes have been identified in the arriving

goods department. 14 critical challenges and five associated root causes have been

identified in the dispatch goods department.

To reduce and prevent further waste, the thesis recommends 14 critical actions in

order to reduce the amount of elements obstructing the flow of material and

information at Component Maintenance. In addition, recommended changes have

been illustrated in a Future State Map for each department respectively on a process

level. By performing tasks in new sequences where material and information flow

progresses in a parallel synchronized rate, the benefits of a balanced lean flow could

be demonstrated in the dispatch department. Shortest lead time, from finished

component to packaged and booked shipment, was noted for small units and took 20


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