En kvalitativ studie om hur socialsekreterare beaktar barnperspektivet i handläggning av försörjningsstöd

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Ersta Sköndal högskola/Institutionen för socialvetenskap


According to research children in families that obtain social welfare are exposed to problems with their health and development. The aim of this study is to explore social workers way of working with child perspective in their everyday work with families and social welfare. It also aims to explore the social workers discretion and if it affects their work on child perspective. This study used a qualitative methodology and used semi-structured interviews to collect data. The data was later analysed through content analysis. Four themes emerged from the data analysis; definition of the child perspective, lack of time, financial framework, unclear frameworks and laws. The social workers experienced that lack of time has a negative effect on their possibility to document the child perspective in their work. The social workers expressed that they have possibilities through their discretion to influence the work situation, which has a positive effect on the work.  The study concludes that social workers want to work with child perspective but need more resources and time to do so.

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