Tjejsnuset är det nya! : En kvalitativ studie om hur bilden av vitt snus konstrueras i samspel mellan media och unga vuxna, samt hur vitt snus kodas som manligt respektive kvinnligt.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Sammanfattning: The study aims to examine the construction of the image of white snus, specifically focusing on the growing trend of female snus use. The analysis will shed light on overall perceptions and attitudes towards white snus, along with its social construction among young adults. The  research questions addressed by the study is: How is the image of white snus constructed in the interaction between media and young adults? How is white snus coded as masculine and feminine? The theoretical framework, comprising decoding of advertisements, the gender system, corporate branding, and femvertising will be applied to answer the questions. Situated within the qualitative research tradition, the study employs a reception analysis through two distinct methods: a semiotic image analysis of snus advertisements and focus group interviews to explore audience interpretations. The results indicate an evolving perception of white snus over time, now integrated into daily life, influenced by changing  gender norms and strategic maneuvers within snus advertising. Diverse media channels and advertising play a central role in shaping these norms and influence how individuals perceive themselves and others. The study establishes a close connection between snus consumption and gender identity, including both subconscious behavioral patterns and more explicit statements and behaviors related to white snus. From a scientific standpoint, the results contribute to the understanding of societal shifts in the perception of white snus, shedding light on the complex interplay between evolving gender norms, advertising strategies and individual behavior. 

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