Circular Economy, the future economy model for retailers : A qualitative study on retailers understanding of Circular Economy and their sustainability work progress.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för marknadsföring (MF)

Sammanfattning: This thesis is about Circular Economy and sustainability through a retailer’s perspective. There has also been a focus on researching and trying to find out if the size of the retailer matters in a sustainability perspective and to achieve a Circular Economy. The research that has been made is done with a deductive approach and a qualitative method. Interviews have been held over a timeframe of a week in May 2020. Because of the pandemic, Covid-19, all of the interviews were held over telephone or email to ensure safety for all respondents, including the safety for the authors. The theory chapter has been conducted through peer-reviewed articles and literature. This chapter has then been divided into smaller parts chapters, as Circular Economy, Sustainability and Supply chain, and Triple bottom line. After the theory chapter the method in how the research have been done and why specific methods have been preferred over others. Following chapter is the empirical findings bundled together with analysis, each interview comes first separately and divided in the same way as the theory and are then compared in an analysis. The conclusion is that retailers need to continue working to become more sustainable. A way for retailers to present their work towards Circular Economy and sustainability is to be transparent and will reach consumers’ which can lead to higher reliability. There is a difference between larger and smaller retailers, it is in how the larger retailers have worked more towards incorporate Circular Economy model and sustainability in comparison to the smaller retailers.

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