Mitt studentliv som kvinna. En etnologisk studie om kvinnliga studenters upplevelse av sin studiesituation

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för etnologi

Sammanfattning: From a report presented by Public health agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten), it is common amongst female students to experience the study situation as stressful and filled with anxiety. Because of the discussion about female students study situation and the problems it brings is quite old, I experience it to be important for me as a ethnological student and furthermore to contribute with my ethnological experiences from the past. By doing a study about it. The purpose of this thesis is to focus on gender norms and the affect it brings on one another self image, by studying female students study situation in present time from a ethnological perspective. To answer the purpose of this thesis the methodological contribute has been qualitative research thorough interviews, executed under October 2018. With the help of four female students at the university of Lund. The analysis has been carried out with the help of Marie Evertsson, Erving Goffman and Beverly Skeggs theoretical contribute of the concept gender norms, self, and respectability. My analysis shows that female students experience it to be skillful equals a gender norm and the affection it has on their performance. The result of my thesis proofs that female students experience the study situation as stressful and filled with anxiety. The stressful subsistence could be described from the female students experience of skillfulness as a woman attribute that has to come forward in all of life's aspects. For instance labour market, at home, at the university and in a relationship, which leads to stress and performance anxiety. The thought of not succeeding and be on top of the performance gives the experience of low self-esteem and not feeling sufficient which affects the self image.

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