Triptych of ruderal architecture

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från KTH/Arkitektur

Sammanfattning: The Ruderal Triptych is a narrative, fictional, artistic, research project. It centers itself on questions of ownership as a legal and physical machinery, that works within global extractive economies. I want to question what we are really producing when we produce architecture. For as it stands it might not be the study of space, a lofty exploration of homes and places, but a professional discipline. Tied to the economical organization of a commodity society. Ownership of land, as a means of production. As an organizational principle is the foundation of current nation states, where the plot is registered on the surface of the state and thereafter upon to the global hegemonic economy of speculation. While our profession is disciplined to work within this framework, what are we really doing when we build “sustainably” are we sustaining life? the earth? the industry or the institutions more broadly?  When we try to take Bennett, Maccormack or Haraway seriously what space is there in this system for the nonhuman actors of the world? No rat can sign a lease, they have to be spoken for by someone else. So the professional architecture comes into crisis when trying to address real sustainability.The purpose of this project is to try to imagine beyond property as constraint for the ideation of architecture, through a series of explorations, narratives, and Artifacts/drawings/paintings that together make up the triptych.

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