Kartläggning av lustgasens användning vid smärtsamma procedurer på barn på akutmottagning.

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Författare: Sara Franzon; Josefin Grefve; [2021-04-23]

Nyckelord: Akutmottagning; Barn; Lustgas; N2O; Smärtsamma procedurer;

Sammanfattning: Background: Children often experience pain and fear with painful procedures in healthcare. Previous research shows that undertreated pain during procedures is a problem and can have negative consequences in the future for children. A suitable treatment is nitrous oxide, which has both a pain-relieving and a sedative effect. In Sweden, a nurse with special training can administrate nitrous oxide to children from the age of four. To reduce children's suffering during painful procedures, it is important to evaluate appropriate treatment methods. Aim: The aim of this systematic literature study is to examine and summarize the use of nitrous oxide in painful procedures on children in the emergency department. Method: Systematic literature review. Results: Nitrous oxide has a pain-relieving, sedating effect that reduces anxiety and uneasiness for children during painful procedures. The treatment with nitrous oxide takes less time for procedures and provides a quick recovery and few side effects. However, the analgesic effect is deficient in more painful procedures and nitrous oxide may need to be supplemented with other analgesic drugs. Research studies on children treated with nitrous oxide are relatively few and the scientific material needs to be developed. Conclusion: Our study has shown that nitrous oxide is considered a suitable treatment for children who need to undergo painful procedures in emergency care as it has sedative, pain and anxiety-relieving effects and few side effects. Although the state of evidence about nitrous oxide is limited to moderately strong, this is a treatment method that gives the child the opportunity for pain relief.

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