PAX i skolan : Lärares upplevda fördelar och nackdelar med modellens verktyg och medföljande material samt förslag på eventuella anpassningar för elever i åk 4 - 7

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för konst, kommunikation och lärande; Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för konst, kommunikation och lärande

Sammanfattning: PAX i skolan is a Swedish translation of the practice PAX Good Behavior Game, which is developed from the classroom-based Good Behavior Game in order to create a peaceful and productive learning environment. PAX Good Behavior Game has variations and adaptations for different stages of development (Goodbehaviorgame, 2018), but the Swedish version of the practice, the enclosed material and the examples that are given in the manual are designed to fit students in the first, second and third grade. Through an education, teachers gain access to ten different tools that train students' prosocial abilities and self-regulation. Since the model in some Swedish schools also is used with students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade and there are plans to implement it in year 7, we found it interesting to study whether the content can be applied directly to older students or if it needs adaptions in some way. Our results show that teachers who work students in grades 4 - 7 believe that many of the tools would work better with older pupils if they were adapted in an age-appropriate manner. There are parts of the material that are perceived as childish, and other parts that might need to be adjusted to fit the organization for higher grades. Another element that is important for teachers when using the model is the time aspect. Many of the tools are timesaving when switching between different parts of a lesson and valuable teaching time can be utilized, while there are some tools that teachers experience take up too much time, and therefore these are not used as frequently as others. The result shows that teachers are of the opinion that most of the 10 tools would be more efficient with the elder pupils if they were adjusted in a more age-related way. Some parts of the material could be experienced as a bit childish, and other parts might be adjusted to fit the organisation for higher grades. The time aspect is an important factor to the teachers. Several of the tools contribute to make a lesson more time efficient and then save valuable moments in the classroom, while there are some of the tools that claim too much time and therefore not used as frequently as the others. In research, every single tool included in PAX works as an intact unity, which loses its efficiency if you remove or change any of the necessary components. There are some of the suggested age-related adjustments, that we find possible to make, while there are other cases where we find no good reasons to make the adjustment since some or several of the necessary components are lost.

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