P.E.G.A.S : Powered Exoskeleton Grip Amplifying System

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Mekatronik

Sammanfattning: In this bachelor’s thesis, the development and construction of a soft exoskeleton for a human hand is described.The purpose of the project includes evaluating what type of exoskeleton that is most suitable for aiding the user inactivities of daily living and how this exoskeleton can be constructed in order to increase grip strength in the human hand. In addition, the prototype should be portable and not inflict any harm on the user. The necessary theoretical research is thoroughly conducted followed by the construction of the final prototype. The purpose of the project is achieved, resulting in a flexible, portable and safe exoskeleton which with satisfaction can aid the user in its activities of daily living. However, this prototype is limited to exclusively include the thumb and index finger, and in further work the prototype can be developed to include all five fingers of the human hand.

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