Fashionable & Sustainable? A case study exploring the markets contribution to the ethical consumption gap

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The primary purpose of this study is to examine how the market contributes in creating the ethical consumption gap to serve the underlying structures in which predicates and benefits from the gap. Consequently, the research seeks to add to current theoretical understanding in the field. The study draws on an ontological relativism position, accompanied by a social constructionist view. Moreover, the research is conducted through qualitative research design with an abductive approach. It incorporates a document study with a case study perspective, enclosing H&M, to collect empirical data. Finally, to get culturally substantial insights on discursive conceptual frameworks utilized by the market, we turned to discourse analysis. To answer the research question, the study bases its fundamental standpoint on the grand theory of governmentality, which enclose the two primary concepts employed in this thesis, namely, consumer sovereignty and consumer responsibilization.The findings reveal that H&M adopts notions of consumer sovereignty and consumer responsibilization. They also promote the market as the ultimate venue for consumers to get an outlet for their overall ethical concerns while at the same time scattering a steady stream of confusion by conveying self-contradictory messages, keeping the customers in a position of dependence thus, aiding the ethical consumption gap.The study adds to the current body of literature by concretely conceptualizing how organizations may contribute in the creation and the upkeep of the ethical consumption gap. Furthermore, we theorize the ways in which the market contributes to the gap by introducing the concept of fetishistic dubiety, building upon the presence of confusion among the marketing activities analyzed.

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