En annan bild av islam : En jämförelse av hur islam och muslimer framställs i svenska nyhetsmedier och i SVT:s dokumentärserie Jag är muslim

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Religionssociologi

Författare: Emilia Bonnevier; [2018]

Nyckelord: islam; muslimer; media; dokumentär; religion;

Sammanfattning: Since Islam and Muslims are often portrayed in connection with terrorism, female oppression and security in Swedish news media, I decided I wanted to write my study on the subject “Islam and Swedish media”.   The aim with this study was to examine whether SVT’s documentary series Jag är muslim (I am Muslim in English) portrays Muslims differently from Swedish news media, and if so – how? To find out whether there was a difference, I used following questions: How are Islam and Muslims portrayed in the documentary series Jag är muslim? Does this documentary series give a different picture of Islam and Muslims than what previous studies have shown? i.e. how Islam and Muslims have been portrayed in Swedish news media according to previous studies. How can the variety and complexity that exists within Islam that is shown in Jag är muslim contribute to reducing the stereotypification of Islam and Muslims in Swedish media? What could explain that Jag är muslim gives a different picture of Islam and Muslims than Swedish news media, if that is the case? The methods I used were qualitative content analysis and abductive method, and the theories used are social constructivism, news logic, news criteria, and the human-interest frame. The conclusion shows that the Muslims participating in Jag är muslim are portrayed as any other Swede, but with some exceptions, such as that many Muslim women wear a veil. Because of this, they are portrayed in a very different way from how they are portrayed in Swedish news media, which is probably caused by the fact that they are shown from a human-interest frame perspective in the series, but from a news criteria perspective in Swedish news media. The Muslims participating in the series do most of the time share opinions, but the fact that Muslims with very different opinions exist are also brought up and discussed. 

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