Hedonic and aesthetics above all? : Användares aktivitet på Instagram och hur de påverkas av influencers

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This bachelor thesis examines what hedonic values influence female Instagram users to interact with influencer’s Instagram content. Furthermore, we examine what hedonic needs female Instagram users might find meaningful and if those needs can lead to activity on an influencer’s Instagram account. It also explores if the value aesthetics can have any effect on female Instagram user’s activity on an influencer’s Instagram. The study uses mixed methods in order to answer the research question and the sub questions. We have used a survey to examine which hedonic needs are most meaningful to the female users and if those needs have any effect on user’s interaction on influencers posts. Interviews have been held in order to explore if hedonic values and aesthetics have any influence on user’s activity on influencers Instagram content. Our study showed that the most essential hedonic needs are relatedness, meaning and stimulation and that these are the needs that leads to the most activity. It also showed that aesthetics and all hedonic values have an influence on user activity on an influencer’s Instagram.

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