Biblioterapi på folkbibliotek : en kvalitativ studie

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM

Sammanfattning: This master thesis investigates Bibliotherapy at a Public Library in Sweden. The result is based on the experiences of the participants in an ongoing group in the spring of 2019. The result is also based on the views of professionals within the area of Bibliotherapy. This essay has the following research questions: Why and how do the Public Libraries choose to work with Bibliotherapy? How and why do people choose to participate in Bibliotherapy? What are the potential effects (of Bibliotherapy) for Public Libraries and what effects are stated from the people using it? Fenomenological interviews were carried out with three professionals within the area of Bibliotherapy and three participants in the bibliotherapy group. The interviews were conducted in a semi-structured manner. Theories applied in the analyzis of the interviews were Anthony Giddens theory of latemodernity and reflexive identity, psykological theories of the bibliotherapeutic process and theories regarding reading and its effects on people.  The results showed that profesionals expressed that Bibliotherapy is an important tool for people regarding the importance of conversations and in dealing with existential themes in their life. The participants expressed that they appreciated Bibliotherapy as a platform for indepths conversations and regarding existential themes. They also expressed the benefits of taking part of other peoples experiences. They also stated that the group was an important area for creating space for own time, away from demands in everyday life. The result also showed exemples of people relating to the bibliotherapeutic experience in a way that corresponds to aspects of reflexive identity. In the experiences of the participants there were examples of the bibliotherapeutic process mostly through expressions of identification and katarsis. Reading effects were also expressed as aestethic pleasure, transportation and escapism. The professionals stated that Public Libraries should work with bibliotherapy due to their aims in reading promotion. Also due to their obligation to take part in fullfilling the needs of the citizens in society, the potential library user aswell as the user. The Public Library can also benefit från being a platform for bibliotherapy thus confirming the importance of their role in society. This is a two year master´s thesis in Library and Information Science.

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