Olyckshantering och säkerhet på byggarbetsplatser : En jämförelsestudie mellan EQ Bygg AB och Byggmäster AB

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Mälardalens universitet/Akademin för ekonomi, samhälle och teknik

Sammanfattning: Purpose: This study where accidents often occur in the construction industry and most construction companies try to reduce the number of accidents at work each year. According to statistics, thousands of occupational accidents are reported annually. Dozens of these accidents have led to deaths. Construction companies have a challenge to secure the working environment on the construction site while trying to keep up with their final construction results on the contract. Method: This studies factors draws attention to the importance of safety and risk management in the construction site. It also highlights the measures to be taken into account so that future contracts can go through with reduced accidents at work. As a basis for this work, the safety work within two construction companies in Västerås has been investigated with the help of interviews and site visits. The questions were used as a clue to get answers to the study to be investigated. A literature study has been conducted in connection with a case study. At the beginning of the literature study, previous studies were analyzed using websites and scientific articles on how good work environment works together with laws and requirements. The case study had been based on interviews and surveys with the help of two construction companies in Västerås so-called EQ Bygg AB and Byggmäster AB. Results: The results of the study showed how these two construction companies differed on how they handle safety at the construction site. One company was a little bigger than the other, they had a stronger measures in terms of safety and risk management because they were working on larger contracts. The other company EQ Bygg had a little less capital than Byggmäster, but according to the interviews, they also had strong points on how they take care of their safety work. Conclusions: The biggest challenge that both companies had in common was that time pressure led to most work accidents because it creates stress for the employees. Proposals for measures that can help with the study are that construction companies should have good planning and work preparations to reduce future work accidents. Regular risk analyses are also recommended for construction companies to do. Safety thinking and risk management are important for both the contract and the employees.

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