Kvinnors upplevelse av att genomgå medicinsk abort i hemmet : En litteraturstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad

Sammanfattning: Background The majority of all abortions performed in Sweden are medical and performed at home, despite this there is a lack of research on women's experience. Since the abortion law came, it has looked different. Today, the abortion law is better developed and places demands on the healthcare staff who must have a positive attitude to the woman's decision, as well as show respect and empathy. The aim was to describe women's experience of doing a medical abortion at home. Method A general literature study with an inductive approach was used. Both quantitative and qualitative articles, as well as a mixed method constitute the result, a total of nine result articles. Results show that women experience contact with care staff as deficient during the performance of the abortion at home. Adequate information was also lacking. The safe home environment contributed to a strengthened integrity and closeness to the partner and the family. The analysis resulted in three categories:Women's experiences of having an abortion without the presence of healthcare staff, Women's experiences of the safe home environment in connection with medical abortion at home and Women's experiences of being prepared for medical abortion at home. Conclusion In order for women to feel safe in the event of a medical abortion at home, it is necessary that healthcare staff are available throughout the process. The information women receive before abortion at home can be decisive for how the experience will be.

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