Sjuksköterskors upplevelse av medicinering med centralstimulantia till vuxna personer med ADHD

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Sammanfattning: AbstractBackground: The prescription of stimulants to adults with ADHD has increased significantly in recent years in Sweden. The nurse plays an important role in nursing and monitoring pharmaceuticals to this category of patients. Therefore, it is important to analyze the experience of nurses regarding medication with stimulants to adults with ADHD.Purpose: To examine how nurses describe the effects of the medication with stimulants to adults with ADHD.Method: Qualitative study including 6 pieces of semi-structured interviews. The analysis completed with content analysis.Results: All of the nurses participating in the study described that stimulant drugs help adults with ADHD. Both short- and long-term symptom relief, and that function is described improved. Medication alone was seen not as effective, but other measures and a holistic approach was considered necessary for successful treatment. The indication for initiation of stimulants was judged to be correct and that the nurses felt that drugs were followed up adequately. However, the results showed that exceptions are made for medicines follow-up and recommendations for initiation of stimulants. The study also showed that such drugs are there no longer considered as necessary related to other problems for individuals are solved. Alternative therapy in addition to medication was described as present in the management of ADHD and that the nurses saw these alternatives as an important component of care. Physical activity was seen as an alternative or complement to medicines. Abuse was experienced by nurses as an aggravating or sole reason for the use of stimulants.Conclusion: The specialist nurse in psychiatry should both take a more active and structured role in the monitoring of medication during treatment to assess the efficacy and possible side effects detected. This is because in individual cases can have major consequences of drug treatment that is not under control. Discontinuation of treatment plays an important role where it is important to investigate if the patient asks for any other type of treatment. Furthermore, it is an important task to investigate whether abuse is recent during pharmaceutical treatment, since abuse is unfavorable while medication with stimulants. The psychiatric nurse is also important when it comes to guide the patient in alternative forms of treatment, e.g. physical activity on prescription, patient information about ADHD, its symptoms and collaboration with other health care professionals are concrete examples.

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