Instuderandet av notläsning på gitarr - en analys av olika gitarrskolor på marknaden med kompletterande egna exempel.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Musikhögskolan i Malmö

Sammanfattning: Title: Learning to read music notation on the guitar ? an analysis of various guitar schools on the market with added own examples. Purpose: To analyse currently available teaching materials on the subject of guitar notation on the market. A comparative analysis is made of five chosen books on the topic. Four criteria for the analysis of these five books are stated: 1) Structure and progression of the study of reading music on the guitar. 2) Presenting the material in an interesting and stimulating manner. 3) Presenting famous tunes which are played at different positions on the guitar. 4) Allowing the student to write his or her own tunes to solidify various positions and scales studied in the learning of reading music for the guitar. Results: The most adequate book on the market geared towards the learning of reading music on the guitar is Börje Sandquist's Notläsning för gitarr (Reading music for the guitar), since it is the only teaching available that thoroughly covers the progressive study of learning how to read music for the guitar in all keys and all over the guitar neck. El guía completa del Guitarrista also comes close to the criteria established by the author of this essay, but lacks in comparison with the book of Sandquist in that it does not cover all keys in a progressive manner and is not furnished with melodic examples for the purpose of learning the various guitar positions. The other three books studied here do not really match the criteria of the author, but are relevant for any guitarist who wants to focus on other aspects of playing the guitar, such as improvisation and comping.

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