Byggnation över användningsgräns mot allmän plats

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Lunds universitet/Fastighetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The vision when municipalities are planning new areas is to create a feeling of urbanity and create vibrant and safe places. Usually the municipalities have designed the detailed development plan with a space between the public space and the buildings. Lately this place has been removed from many detailed development plans in central urban areas to fulfil the vision of urbanity. It means that balconies, bay window, downpipes, utility or other device have to be placed on public space. Problems have occured when the place between public space and the buildings has been removed and private facilities wishes to be placed in public space, especially when the request comes up late in the process. The road traffic office in Gothenburg doesn’t want private utilities below the street because this place could be used for public utilities. Private utilities can complicate possible future restructuring and maintenance of the existing utilities. The aim of the study is to give a proposal how the municipalities can handle the situation that detailed development plans creates in urban areas. Advantages and disadvantages of different options of rights for the private facilities in public space have been compiled. The study has been done at the real estate office in Gothenburg municipality. The discussion about where the facilities can be placed has to been taken before the binding decision for the development plan to avoid problems. If it’s crowded with utilities below the public space it may be a good idea to make room for private facilities between public space and the buildings. In that case the private facilities can be placed on the property and the public space don’t have to be used for private facilities. The outcome of the study is a proposal that the space between buildings and public space will be an x-area in the development plans. An easement for the walk and cycle path means that the public can use the place even if the municipality not ownes it. This proposal means that the private facilities can be placed on the property.

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