Kommunikation och patientsäkerhet i teamarbetet på hybridsal – Operationssjuksköterskans perspektiv

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Sammanfattning: Background: The hybrid procedure is a combination of endovascular technique and open surgery and is performed in a hybrid room where advanced X-ray equipment and a traditional operating room is combined. In the hybrid room, several different professions work together and the scrub nurse is usually a part of the team. As multiple professions work together, communication and collaboration to get an effective team and to provide a safe care of the patient is essential.Aim: The aim of this study was to explore scrub nurses’ perceptions and experiences of communication and patient safety in the interdisciplinary team working in the hybrid room. Method: The study is of quantitative design and was conducted with a questionnaire. The survey used was a version of the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ) and was distributed non-randomly to scrub nurses working actively in the hybrid setting in three OR departments at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg. The questionnaire consisted of 30 questions divided into six domains; teamwork climate, safety climate, job satisfaction, stress recognition, perceptions of management and working conditions. Nine self-designed questions were also included in the questionnaire.Results: The scrub nurses experienced that they were most satisfied with job satisfaction while working conditions was lowest rated by the participants. The study also found that the WHO checklist for safe surgery was used in a greater extent than SBAR for safe communication.Conclusion: The instrument used in this pilot study was well adapted for practice in the hybrid setting. Further studies are needed to identify potential risks and improvement areas in the work at the hybrid room. The result shows that all participants experience that the staff work as a well-coordinated team in the hybrid room where support is provided from coworkers to care for patients and it is easy to ask questions.

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