Varför öppnas dörren? En systematisk litteraturöversikt om orsaker bakom dörröppningar på operationssalen

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Sammanfattning: Background: Current research shows significance that the frequency of door openings is highin the operating room, these affects the air quality negatively. Every unnecessary dooropening put the patient at a real risk of being affected of a postoperative wound infection. It’sthe most common health care associated infection in surgical care and the affected patientssuffer unnecessarily because guidelines of minimizing the door openings isn’t adhered to. It’sthe perioperative scrub nurse responsibility to surveillance and supervise the infectionprevention measures as needed to prevent infection and work aseptically.Aim: The aim of the master thesis is to review and compile scientific literature about reasonsfor door openings in the operating room.Method: A systematic literature reviewResults: 11 quantitative articles were included in the result and developed into three maincategories access to supplies and equipment, organisation of the surgical team and the impactof communication on door openings.Conclusion: A lot of door openings are caused by securing access to material supply. Withimproved logistics and planning around material supply in the operating room the rate of dooropenings may decrease. The constellation and planning of the surgical team regardingcompetence on scene is crucial to adjust door openings. Clear coordination andsynchronization for release of breaks and shift changes is to the advantage for minimizingdoor openings. The use of technical solutions for different kind of information transfer shouldbe the first-hand choice. Stricter guidelines are needed for social visits that should be bannedin the operating room because it negative effects on patient safety and may cause the patientsuffering.

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