Bära eller brista? En systematisk litteraturöversikt av aroniabärets effekt på blodtrycket hos friska vuxna

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för medicin

Sammanfattning: Abstract in EnglishTitle: Berries under pressure. A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of the effect of Aronia melanocarpa on blood pressure in generally healthy adults.Author: Maria Larsson & Torsten SällströmSupervisor: Klara SjögrenExaminer: Sofia KlingbergProgramme: Programme in dietetics, 180/240 ECTSType of paper: Bachelor’s thesis in clinical nutrition, 15 higher education creditsDate: May 26th, 2021Background: Hypertension is a major risk factor contributing to widespread mortality and morbidity worldwide. Dietary interventions, as part of lifestyle changes, have proven to be an effective therapeutic strategy. Foods high in anthocyanins have shown promising results in laboratory experiments, as well as in epidemiological studies. Chokeberries (Aronia melanocarpa) are among the richest known sources of anthocyanins. Objective: To investigate the scientific evidence supporting that consumption of chokeberries, or their products, could contribute to lowering systolic (SBP) or diastolic (DBP) blood pressure. Search strategy: A systematic literature search was undertaken in PubMed and Scopus. Search terms used were Aronia melanocarpa, blood pressure, hypertension, SBP, DBP, blind and random.Selection criteria: For inclusion, trials had to be randomized and placebo-controlled, have SBP and DBP as outcomes, have an adult (18-70 years), predominantly healthy, human population without blood pressure medication. The intervention should consist exclusively of chokeberries and not be combined with other treatments.Data collection and analysis: The literature search yielded 16 unique matches. Five of them met the inclusion criteria and their quality was assessed following a standardized template. All were found to be of satisfactory quality. The five individual results were synthesized, using a forest plot, to produce an estimated weighted mean. Its reliability was assessed using the GRADE-method. Main results: The total study population consisted of 337 individuals. The chokeberry intervention was given as juice or extract for a period of four to 24 weeks. Some heterogenicity was detected in terms of effect size and direction. The weighted mean did not show any significant effect on blood pressure in either direction. However, a tendency toward a lowering effect was detected for SBP.Conclusions: Chokeberry consumption does not have a statistically significant effect on neither systolic nor diastolic blood pressure in healthy, normotensive adults. The reliability of the results was considered moderate (+++) in terms of both SBP and DBP.

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