Att tala eller icke tala?

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Sammanfattning: Background: Intraoperative communication plays a significant role in cooperation andpatient safety. Communication patterns between staff in operating rooms can be complex.Communication problems exist and the area is poorly investigated. When these problemsarise in the care setting, patient safety is compromised. Communication templates exist whichare used differently depending on context.Aim: To describe intraoperative communication between nurse anesthetists and surgeons.Methods: The study is a cross-sectional study with both quantitative and qualitativeapproach. A convenience sample of 13 surgeons and 15 nurse anesthetists from two surgicalwards in western Sweden responded to an online survey. The questionnaire included closedanswer, comment fields and completely open questions. The quantitative part was analyzeddescriptively and the qualitative part with content analysis.Findings: Both professions gave an intraprofessionally homogeneous image ofcommunication, which was more heterogeneous when professions were compared.Communication was mostly seen as clear and pleasant. In the qualitative part categoriesemerged: Communications climate, where several nurse anesthetists and surgeons describedcommunication as good enough but there were also negative aspects. Varied communicationshows that personally- and situation-bound communication differs depending if things goaccording to plan or not. Dynamic interaction anesthesia-surgery involves mutuallyinforming each other of changes with the patient or measures to be taken. In Communicationon security measures were described proactive and reactive components. Communicationbarriers describe the physical- and mental barriers. Potential for improvement, where theprofessions in the study felt that increased preoperative communication, increasedconcentration and team exercises would improve cooperation.Conclusion: The study shows that the communication climate in the operating room is good,while not optimum. Potential for improvement exist: more preoperative communication,increased concentration and team exercises are desired to further improve communication.

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