Vad är ”pojkproblemet” i skolan? : En poststrukturalistisk analys av problemframställningar kopplade till pojkars relativa underprestationer i svensk skola i relation till flickor

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: For decades, boys have underperformed in the Swedish school when compared to girls. During the past 10 years, different problem representations regarding the issue have been articulated within the Swedish Government Official Report series. This paper examines the two most dominant problem representations, through a critical scrutiny of underlying assumptions, aswell as potential political effects on gender equality policy. Both problem representations share the assumption that education is a success game, won by girls and lost by boys. Further, boys’ failures in school are represented as a threat, both towards individuals as towards society at large. However, key differences can be found when looking at the ways sex, gender and power are constructed. When the gender gap is represented to be caused by determined sex differences, the school system is seen as unfair, benefitting girls at the expense of boys. When the gender gap is instead represented as caused by socially constructed gender projects, “anti-study culture” is seen as a result of boys' collective upholding of hegemonic masculinity. Dependingon the conceptualization of the issue, the political effects could either entail a stabilization of a patriarchal gender system through a delegitimization of girls' successes, or a destabilization of a patriarchal gender system through perceiving both girls and boys as potential victims of patriarchy, enabling alliance-building gender equality policy. Yet, lack of intersectional perspective makes it difficult to counteract social inequality at large, as the gender system affects boys and girls in different ways depending on other intersecting axes of social division.

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