Slaget om fältet : en kvalitativ innehållsanalys av SVT journalisternas dokument “Hur kan det vara så här?”

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Journalistik

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this thesis is to examine the document “Hur kan det vara så här?” made by Swedish minority journalists on Sveriges television. The document was composed to shed light on how the journalists perceive the newsroom culture on the Swedish public service television company from their minority point of view. The question that the journalists raise is interesting, as SVT as the public service company has a clear diversity mission both in terms of the newsroom composition and the finished journalistic product. We have studied their testimonies in order to get an understanding of how they perceive their everyday editorial work and what obstacles they perceive as standing in the way of diversity work on Sveriges Television. Our method of approach has been a qualitative content analysis which we have submitted to Bourdieu field theory and symbolic capital. The intersectional analysis has been used to contextualize the journalist's experiences in a broader societal context. The media researcher Leonor Camauër presents a number of discriminating mechanism that are at play in the Swedish newsrooms and media. We have used her study as a comparison to the experiences of the journalists in the document “Hur kan det vara så här? Our conclusions are that the national Swedish television shows the same tendencies towards editorial exclusion and problematic news coverage as western media at large. Although the company has a diversity policy that is legislated there is a lack of action that enables increased diversity.

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