BÄDDSOFFAN GENERATIONS : Produktutveckling för compact living

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Innovation och produktrealisering

Sammanfattning: In Sweden, there are students who live in small student apartments. These apartments can be called compact living as a student apartment can be as small as 16 square meters. To take advantage of the place that is in small homes, it would be good if larger furniture could be combined into a piece of furniture. On behalf of Husmuttern AB, this work has been aimed at exploring furniture concepts with sleeping and their functions in a compact living environment for students. The issues being examined are: -          What functions are desirable in a multifunctional seating and sleeping furniture for students and people living in compact living environments? -          How can a multifunctional seating and sleeping furniture be designed, that is applied to students living in a compact-living environment? Human Centered Design was used as a method and thus a qualitative data collection was carried out in the form of observations. The respondents were in the primary target group and were observed in their everyday lives in their homes. A focus group was involved in generating ideas and concepts. Functional prototypes were built, and 3D models were created in SolidWorks. Digital testing of the concepts was carried out and the development of the Generation Sofa Bed was realized. There is a discussion about how reliable this study is, when the results became situational. However, the respondents were from a limited audience and had different views on what they wanted from a sofa bed, which provided rewarding information for the development of the furniture. The conclusion is that while the Generation Sofa Bed needs to be further developed through testing and evaluation of storage facilities, it has great potential to become a finished product.

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