Lärare och skolbibliotekariers samarbete : Utifrån TLC-modellerna

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM


This two year masters thesis is written in the scientific field of library- and information science. The purpose of the study is to investigate the collaboration between teachers and librarians in different types of school library organisations. Two school libraries with only the school as a target group, two integrated public- and school libraries, one school library division and one public library that provides the school with school library services has been studied. The study takes place in Uppland.

The theoretical framework used is based on Montiel-Overall and her four models of collaboration: coordina-tion, cooperation, integrated instruction and integrated curriculum. The first research question focuses on the col-laboration between teachers and librarians based on each of the TLC-models. The second research question goes into factors that limit collaboration between librarians and teachers. The methods used are qualitative text analysis and qualitative interviews. The main focus is on the interviews. The study is based on the librarians point of view. The interviews and the text analysis are analysed together under six different subject fields based on the research questions.

Collaboration takes place largely within the models A (coordination) and B (cooperation). Some collabora-tions conducted in the school library organisations has however components from model C (integrated instruc-tion). It is less common with deeper forms of collaborations in the result of this study. A lack of resources like time has been observed that limits the collaboration between teachers and librarians. The collaboration between teachers and librarians need to be emphasized and prioritized.

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