Students' Perception of Class Interrelationships and its Relation to Students' Sex, School Satisfaction, School Absenteeism and School Achievement

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Sammanfattning: The aim of the present study is to explore how upper secondary schoolstudents’ perceive group dynamic aspects of the interrelationships in theirclass and how these perceptions are related to Sex, SchoolSatisfaction, Absenteeism and Achievement.Theory: Group Dynamic TheoryMethod: Quantitative (means, standard deviations, factor analysis, bivariatecorrelations and multiple linear regressions)Results: Students' perception of the group dynamic aspects of their classinterrelationships showed no significant sex differences. However, all thesestudent perceptions were significantly, positively and moderately related toSchool Satisfaction. The group dynamic dimensions that were most stronglycorrelated to School Satisfaction were: Communication and Relatedness. Themultiple linear regression analysis revealed that students' perception of thegroup dynamic dimensions of class interrelationship accounted for 54.4 % (p< .01) of the variance in the students' perceived School Satisfaction, 0.2 % (p= .380) of the variance in the students' Absenteeism and 7.6 % (p < .01) of thevariance in the students' Achievement. The students' perception of the groupdynamic dimensions of their class interrelationships: Communication andRelatedness were significantly, positively and slightly associated withAchievement. The regression analyses results for the variable, Sex, was notsignificant.The variables, School Satisfaction, Absenteeism and Achievement weresignificantly, positively and slightly related. It is assumed that they measuredifferent concepts and do not imply problems with multicollinearity, which isfavourable for scale validity. However, scale validity was not optimal andrequires substantial improvement. Yet, the results of the present studycontributes to previous research within classroom environment with its groupdynamic perspective on students' perception of their class interrelationships inrelation to School Satisfaction, Absenteeism, Achievement and Sex.It provides a foundation of correlations between students' perception of groupdynamic aspects in their class interrelationship and students' SchoolSatisfaction to a larger extent and Achievement to a minor extent. For futureresearch, longitudinal explanatory studies, including causal modelling, arerecommended, that investigate students' perception of the group dynamicaspects in the present study and its relation to School Satisfaction, Absenteeism, Achievement and Sex.

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