Värderingar och tankesätt gällande hållbart värdeskapande - En fallstudie om ledares uppfattning om ömsesidig påverkan vid hållbar affärsmodellsinnovation genom förvärv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Background and Problem Discussion: The shift that companies need to undergo in order to become more sustainable can be conceptualized through change of the business model and its value creation. Acquisitions can be one way of performing business model innovation in a sustainable manner, but it is complex and can be affected by the values and cognition of managers and the organization. It is therefore important to understand the character of these values and mind-sets in order to avoid difficulties when integrating the parent and subsidiary company.Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to examine the parent company and subsidiary company’s mutual impact on values and cognitions regarding sustainable value creation from the managers perspective. This is in order to examine which affect the companies have on each other's values and condition in a business model innovation done through the process of acquisition. Further the essay aims to explore dominant logic and their impact of the companies’ apprehension of value creation.Method: The study is based on a qualitative comparative case study of a parent and subsidiary company in the industrial sector. The approach has been abductive and the data gathering has been conducted through interviews with a total of five respondents from case companies, three from the parent company and two from the subsidiary. The data has been analyzed with the study’s theoretical framework, which combines theories about business models with theories about dominant logic.Conclusion: It can be stated that the acquisition has led to a mutual impact on values and mind-sets, which is believed to enhance both case companies’ Sustainable business thinking. For the parent company, this means that environmental value creation will have an even greater impact. The values and cognition regarding sustainability are thereby enhanced, which is believed to lead to an increased dominance of the S-D-logic together with the sustainability logic. For the subsidiary company, this means an increased awareness of social value creation and thus an impact on the company’s sustainability values and mind-sets, which could lead to an enhanced dominant sustainability logic.

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